This site is an easy to access point where you can offer your coins, tokens, military & historical medals  & banknotes, Individual items or whole collections.
Trade enquiries from  wholesalers, etc welcome.

As a well established & respected dealer of coins, banknotes,& other Antiques & collectables. I am keen to buy a wide variety of material.
Due to the vast nature of world coinage with thousands & thousands of different issues it is not possible or realistally practical to list prices which I will pay for each coin type.
I will buy your buscuit tin of coins, bags of old pennies, pre euro Irish banknotes, world coins etc.
The following is a specific listing of items  sought.

Great Britain Hammered issues (pre Restoration 1660)
Generally speaking all hammered issue sought Silver Pennies, etc

Great Britain Milled  issues 1662 onwards.
Crowns (.925 silver, but issues up to 1951)  ANY milled issue of: Charles II, James II, William & Mary, William III, Anne, George I, George II, George III, George IIII, William IIII & Victoria.
Silver & Gold (Sovereign) coins of Edward VII.
Double florins (1887-1892)
Gold Guineas,
Gold Full & Half Sovereigns , (up to King George V)

All issues, 'Free State' coins (Halfcrowns - Farthings) Hammered, Milled, Tokens, Year set, Proof coins, Good individual prices offered for 1937 & 1943 silver,  Currency Commission 'Ploughman'  & Lady Lavery Banknotes.
Morgan & Peace dollars, early issues such as large cents, All Gold issues, modern proof & year sets etc.

Military Medals
Always wanted, Irish war of independence, 1916,1939-1946 'emergency' medals, WWI & WWII British army medals etc.

Royal Irish Constabularly (RIC)

Wanted material related to the RIC, everything from uniform buttons to photographs, medals,  police equipment, documents etc.
I am also looking to buy an RIC cast-iron station sign.
Email with details. Thank you.

Buying all types of Irish,British  & General coins, tokens plus Medals &  Banknotes.
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Coinage  Buying all types of Irish, British & General coins, tokens plus Medals &  Banknotes + Police (RIC) Material.
Coins, Tokens, Medals & Banknotes + Royal Irish Constabularly (RIC)  Material.
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